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Buy Heavy-Duty Duramax Sheds to Make Your Garage or Outhouse Durable

Date Added: April 30, 2014 10:58:15 PM
Author: George Velvet
Category: Home: Home Improvement
Duramax sheds is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of backyard storage supplies. The company has been meeting diverse roofing, fencing, and building needs since its inception in 1998. Duramax sheds are ideal for building outhouses, greenhouses, garages etc. Therefore, if you are looking to build a garage or outhouse out there in your backyard, you can just procure the superior-quality Duramax materials, us a DIY guide or something or else hire a pro and get the job done. With quality of materials not being an issue as Duramax offers best-grade vinyl sheds that are leak-proof, need little maintenance and can be installed easily, you can also build an outbuilding or garage within a few days. Metal garages made of Duramx materials are truly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Here below are the three best Duramax manufactured sheds reviewed for your further reference. Duramax Woodside 6’x6’ Duramax storage sheds are made of high-quality vinyl. Vinyl as a base material is highly cost-effective as it never decays, and never moulds and you do not have to paint these sheds as well. The Woodside 6’x6’ is 84 centimetres tall and the other side of the shed is 78 centimetres. These sheds are ideal for most small backyards and gardens. The shed comes with a vinyl floor. Hence it is quite easy to lay down the shed on your patio or lawn. The metal struts that brace the wall are very useful as anchor points. Duramax Woodside 8’x 6’ The 8x6 is a larger variant of the 6x6 Duramax sheds. However, the storage space inside is relatively much bigger. It has two entrance doors and both sides of the shed is shelved. Even after garaging your lawn mower, you can still have enough space to store your gardening equipment. However, the foundation kit needs to be bought separately, unlike Woodside 6’x6’ that comes pre-packaged with the foundation kit. If you want, you may buy windows for this shed. Duramax Woodside 10.5’’x8’ The Woodside 10’5’’x8’ is a truly large shed that comes with two entrance doors. You can convert this storage shed to an activity room. The metal reinforced columns, the high-quality vinyl used and Duramax craftsmanship together ensure unmatched durability and more storage space. The vinyl used in these sheds does not rot and you do not have to paint the shed as well. The foudation kit comes as an additional option. Why choose Duramax shelter sheds? Vinyl sheds manufactured by Duramax are built to last through years. These products come with a 15 year warranty. Practically, these sheds last for a lifetime. The panels are reinforced with steel for more durability. These rot-free and rust-free materials are a more viable option that traditional metal or wood. Vinyl is fire retardant and can take heavy snow loads. The sheds offered by Duramax for metal garages are easy to assemble. This is why many homeowners choose Duramax when buying backyard storage supplies. You can go online to find the best materials at the most competitive prices. Are you on a lookout for the best Duramax Sheds? Visit our site to see our full range of metal garages to suit your garage needs.
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