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Using Vintage marquee lights at weddings

Date Added: April 29, 2014 05:58:46 PM
Author: adair sawyer
Category: Shopping: Beauty Products
The marquee is known as a promoting sign for hotels, cinemas, theaters, motels, clubs and other entertaining centers. Even if this is its major reputation, marquee lights are also used in interior design, as items for decorating a themed party, etc. People love marquees because they bring joy and light in every room and can be easily done and placed. However, you should consider some factors when you decide to use Vintage marquee lights in your home or at your party. There are some major events where you can use marquees, such as weddings, engagement parties or themed parties, such as Christmas, Easter or birthday parties. However, using marquee lights for weddings is one of the most popular ways to enlighten your party and make guests feel more welcome and comfortable. But which tips should you take into consideration in order to have a successful party? First of all, you should think about is the floor to use. When you have Vintage marquee lights involved, you should not leave too much grass exposed. Instead, choose a carper, matting or even a wooden-style floor. Remind guests to bring some flats with them, and also have some mats to put between your marquee and the toilets or catering house, so people won`t slip when or if it rains. Second of all, think about lighting. Your marquee lights should be warm, traditional and welcoming, so use warm colors for the bulbs. You will not need strong lights unless you want all your guests to have headaches and feel uncomfortable during your wedding. You should ask your marquee provider company to give you strings for the lights on the bulbs, and consider placing them outside, just to keep the atmosphere warm and cozy. Other tips to consider are on the heating, power and chairs. The heating of Vintage marquee lights is quite odd, as they get cold in the evening and overheat in the middle of the day. You should find out if your marquee company can provide heaters or air conditioners that are suitable for use, and if not, remind your guests to bring up some layers. Also, when it comes to power, if you are hiring a DJ or band to play, make sure that your marquee lights have a power supply. If it doesn’t, you risk running all the equipment of the music providers, which can actually ruin your wedding. Make sure that the chairs have wider legs and won`t sink in the ground as well, in case you have a marquee without flooring. Therefore, there are many things to consider if you decide to have a marquee on your wedding. Even though marquee lights are quite difficult to attain, they look tremendously beautiful and are worth having at an important event, as they bring joy and warmth into any room, or even outdoors. Consider the instructions below if you have a marquee wedding soon, or pass them on to your friends, in case they need them. And never forget that a marquee will truly make your even more special! If you love Vintage marquee lights , then you should definitely use them in your wedding! However, to make sure you have a successful event with the marquee lights , follow up some useful tips and advice.
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